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Someone Must Win

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Big event, big win!
Lamama Christmas Raffle is here with a lot of amazing prices. Go to any of our agents’ location near you to buy the LCR ticket. You can buy the ticket at any time and you can buy more than one ticket.
Features of Lamama
Christmas raffle



Visit any of our agents/sales representative near you to buy your Lamama Christmas Raffle ticket.


Buy your LCR ticket for just 100 GOURDES.  You can buy more than one ticket any time of the day, the more you buy the closer your chance to win many times.


Securing your ticket with our biometric technology is VERY important. With your fingerprint, you can easily recover your LCR ticket if it gets lost, but without it, you can’t retrieve your ticket since your data is not captured with the system.


Print your LCR ticket. – There are 7 Numbers (derived from NY Cash 3 digits and appending the NY Cash 4 digits).


The sales agent will automatically present 7 digit number during ordering. If the customer is not satisfied with the given number, he/she can request for another randomly generated number, or even provide his/her own particular number and if available (not bought by someone else) buy that one.


Hold your ticket tight and wait till the second Sunday of December for the deal day of the big event. If all the tickets you purchased are drawn, you will be rewarded for all. No rollover of prizes, no accumulation, no story, someone must win.


Our 1 Million Gourdes base raffle system is one of its kind. A lot of prizes are deposited for you to win. The more ticket you buy, the more your chance to win.  Apart from the raffle, you have the chance to win from other games on the day. You can be called to come and participate in a game.


  • 1st Prize must be matched exactly to the 7 numbers drawn – Prize: Lamama Life-Changing Cash.
  • 2nd Prize will be awarded to the customer whose bet numbers match those drawn OR the next closest number bet. The closest number will be determined by searching forward and backward from the exact combination to closest bought combination. The closest bet may also be above or below 0, and the numbers will roll over to the top or bottom. IE – 0000001 is drawn, no exact winner, 0000008 was sold, and 9999998 was sold. 9999998 would be the winner as it is only 3 numbers away while 0000008 is 7 numbers away. In the case of a tie, where both winners are equidistant from the exact/drawn number, the customer who registered the most tickets will be declared the winner. Prize: A House or Car may be awarded.
  • 3rd Prize – Will follow the same awarding logic as the second prize. Prize: Vacation- Traveling to any part of the world with your partner, all expenses paid by Ayitilamama.

How Lamama Christmas Raffle Works:

Buy LCR Ticket
Go to any of our agents' location near you to buy the LCR ticket. The more ticket you buy, the more your chance to win when it comes to head-to-head.
Someone Must Win
LCR is 3 tier way; it has tier 1, tier 2, tier 3. LCR is a winning program, no accumulation, no rollover; someone must win that day.
When to Buy Ticket
You can buy the LCR ticket at any time, and you can buy more than one ticket. You can also buy the ticket the same day before the draw, there is no penalty
Price of Ticket
The LCR ticket is sold for just Hit$100. Apart from the raffle draw, there are a lot of other games you can play that day.
Prizes To Win

There will be 3 tiers of prizes,1st Prize must be matched exactly to the 7 numbers drawn to win Lamama House. 2nd Prize will be Car for every drawing and 3rd prize will be a vacation award.
When Is The Raffle?
The raffle is every second Sunday of December. You can't afford to miss it. It's more than just a raffle draw; it's a big event with an exotic party. Your favorite celebrity musician will perform that day, there will be TV coverage and a lot more.
our Christmas
is a Delightful Experience

Ayitilamama has many different ways of celebrating Christmas with its customers, and the Christmas raffle is one of them. This event offers our customers the opportunity to win a lot of prizes every second Sunday of December. We are thrilled to let you know that the raffle is an unbiased one. Everything will be done plainly. Another unique thing about LCR is that no carryover of prizes, no rollover, no accumulation till another year, someone must win that day.  This means if no number wins, any person with the closest number will win. If no closest number, we’ll pick the person who by so many tickets, that’s why the thumbprint is very important.

  • We have a base deposit of a million Gourdes in the raffle, it’s not a zero-base raffle
  • Second gathering opportunity for the less privileged
  • No accumulation or rollover of prizes
  • Some many other games to play, you can be called to pick a number and you win.