Lamama Card

Lamama Card (Lmac) allows gaining access to many of Ayitilamama products and services. Read the below content where we unveiled the advantages Lmac carries.
Lamama Self-Service Kiosk
Lamama kiosk allows you to buy your lotto ticket by yourself. All you have to do is to get Lamama card, credit, or debit card, log in and buy ticket Without the assistance of anybody.
You can only use Lamama Kiosks if you have the Lamama Card (Lmac) or a valid credit or debit card. The Kiosks accept any kinds of a credit/debit card. You can as well pay with cash
If it accepts credit card why lMac?
Because Lmac gives access to the following:
  • Receive Lotto result right in your phone
  • Bonuses on every ticket buy with it
  • More chance to partake in Lamama Christmas Raffle
How the Kiosks Works
  • Do you have the LmaCard, credit or debit card? If yes, swap it in. But if you don’t have, click the login button on the screen.
  • Click the menu, it will show you the available lottery games.
  • Punch the number you want to play, once you’re done click accept.
  • Made payment with your card and print receipt
  • If you’re paying with cash, it will signal to the cashier, pay and print your lottery receipt.
  • Wait till you receive the “Thank you” message to confirm your game.
How to get lmac?
If you want to get Lmac, contact our customer service department.


Below are some of the features of the Lamama Kiosks. If you don’t have the LmaCard you don’t know what you are missing.

Credit to the brain behind the Kiosks system, the machine is a great invention. This innovation is one of the crucial factors that enable us to continuously succeed in our lottery system and to provide topnotch services to our customers.

The primary factor in a machine is its usefulness and is the fraction or percentage of the output divided by the input. Lamama Kiosks have high mechanical efficiencies because the work done by the machine is used to overcome many challenges like long line waiting, slow transaction, and much other friction.

Should I say fast is an understatement? Lamama Kiosk is so fast that you can finish playing your game within some seconds, depending on how more quickly you can operate it. The machine doesn’t hang or slow you down. With the Kiosks system, hundreds of people can play their games with an hour without delay.

Lamama Kiosks system is the very best everyone will love to use. The technology is the state of the mind. The machine is problem-solving and you don’t need the assistance of anyone to play your game. It is easy, fast and efficient.

The interface of Lamama Kiosks is easy to understand and use. It is not difficult to learn and even easier for novices to use.