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Lamama Regional Managers
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Desile Claude Walter
Kenscoff Regional Manager
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Jean-Poix Fortunè
Dumas Lafleur
Miragoane Regional Manager/DOD
Wesley Mexil
Port-Au-Prince (City) Regional Manager
Bruno Marc Edouard
PV-R1 Regional Manager
Reynald Dastine
PV-R2 Regional Manager
Ticket Sales HOURS

Purchase borlette, Mariage Lotto 3, Lotto 4, Lotto 5 and Lamama Chrismas Raffle tickets beginning at 6:30 am MONDAY through SATURDAY 12.20pm and start again at 2 pm till 8.45pm. Sales are not available during Draw Break on drawing nights Sales will resume after draw break, however, tickets cannot be redeemed until after the drawing at approximately 9 pm. All sales are suspended each evening at 11:59 pm for system balancing.

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We are in the heart of Forest Lane Dallas, Texas of the United States where we are financially touching lives. You can contact our corporate office for the best answer that suits your inquiry.
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Address: 111 Route de Kenscoff, Laboule 11, Petion – Ville, Ht- 6212.

Skype:  lamamalotteryinc

Phone: +509 3152 6262

+509 4066 0707


Whatsapp:  +509 3526 3882

Customer Service Hotline: #111